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Details Make the Difference
Ophthalmic / Hand-held Fundus Camera FC161

FC161 Hand-held Fundus Camera

Millisecond Focusing

 Hand-held Fundus Camera

Auto Split Focusing Technology Millisecond Focusing Speed

FC161 adopts Auto Split Focusing technology, focusing speed reaches milliseconds.
It avoids the out-of-focus of the fundus image caused by the patient's movement during shooting, effectively improve the image quality and reduce the requirements for cooperation between operators and patients.


5 Advantages


High-resolution fundus images

FC161 is an non mydriatic fundus camera which provides high-resolution fundus images, and the image resolution is up to 12 Mega Pixels.
Making the diagnosis of early lesions more accurate, It is essential for diagnosing retina disease, such as diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma, and macular degeneration.


The minimum pupil diameter of FC161 is φ3.5 mm.
20 minutes of mydriatic waiting time is saved, and the risk of mydriasis to the patient is avoided.


9 Fixation Targets

With 9 fixation targets, FC161 covers 85° field of view of the fundus and supports the examination of early peripheral lesions of the fundus.
With 45 ° field of view, a single central fundus image can be taken to meet the needs of fundus disease screening.

Smart Touch Operation

4.3 inch full-touch LED screen brings a smarter operating experience. Doctors can zoom the image at any time to check the details of the fundus, and can also easily slide the screen to edit and view the case.


Real-time Uploading

FC161 supports real-time synchronization between fundus images and Mediview Patient Management software through WIFI connection.


Filed of View45 degrees
Camera Sensor Resolution12 M Pixels
Fixation Targets9 x LED,Internal
Minimum Pupil Size3.5 mm
lluminationWhite LED & IR LED
Focus Range- 20 D ~ + 20 D
Display4.3”Touch Screen
Image FormatJPEG
Type of ImageColor
MemoryMicro SD card. Maximum 32 GB
Data ConnectivityWIFI/USB
Power SupplyRechargeable battery 3.7 V / 3400 mAh x 2
Working Time3 hours of continuous work
Charging Station100 ~ 240V~,0.5 A,50 / 60 Hz
Power Supply5 V DC, 2 A
Dimensions28 cm x 13 cm x 15 cm
Weight800 g

Standard Accessories

Optional Accessories