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Details Make the Difference
Ophthalmic / FC162 Automatic Fundus Camera

FC162 Automatic Fundus Camera

Guard Your Health Easily

FC162 Automatic Fundus Camera

Get to know the retina

Eyes are the windows of soul and also the only non-invasive way to inspect retina, choroid, blood vessels, nerves and so on.
FC162 captures binocular fundus images in a fully automatic way( auto alignment, auto focus, auto voice interaction). Generate AI diagnosis report(supported by 3rd party case screening system) to analyze multiple retinal diseases, diabetes, cardiovascular and neurological diseases (such as brain tumors, anemia, etc.). Only 2 mins needed to capture images and get report, super smart solution for early detection and intervention for various diseases.

30 Seconds Obtaining Binocular Retina Images

Automatic Fundus Camera FC162_20230613-07.png

Scan the QR code,
system will align pupil and start capture

Automatic Fundus Camera FC162_20230613-08.png

Capture binocular retina images
under voice interaction

Automatic Fundus Camera FC162_20230613-09.png

Adaptable third-party
AI screening system

FC162 对折页中文 20211202-11.png

Split Focusing Technology

FC162 对折页中文 20211202-12.png

15 Mega Pixels

FC162 对折页中文 20211202-13.png

50° Field of View

FC162 对折页中文 20211202-14.png

Smart Diagnosis

Automatic Fundus Camera FC162_20220428转曲-07.jpg


Field of View50°
Camera Resolution15 mega pixels
FixationInternal fixation
Minimum Pupil Size3 mm
FocusingAuto focusing
Diopter Adjustment Range- 20 D ~ + 20 D
Display5 ” LCD touch screen
Image FormatJPEG, DICOM
Type of imageColor
Storage16 GB
Battery47.52 Wh
Power Supply~ 100 V ~ 240 V, 50 ~ 60 Hz, 1.2 A ~ 0.5 A
Battery Life4 hours(Differs under variable environment and circumstances)
Dimension32 cm × 21.5 cm × 12.5 cm
Weight2.7 kg
LanguageChinese, English

Standard Accessories

Automated Fundus Camera ×1
Eye Mask ×1 pack
Power Adapter ×1
Battery ×1
Portable Case ×1