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Details Make the Difference
Post on 2023-04-22

Intersection of Medical and Engineering Innovates Smart Intelligent Diagnosis and Treatment

April 14, 2023, the launching ceremony of the cross-strategic cooperation between Joint Shantou International Eye Center (JSIEC) of Shantou University and the Chinese University of Hong Kong and Shanghai MediWorks Precision Instruments Co., Ltd (Shanghai MediWorks) was held in MediWorks Shanghai office.

Zhang Mingzhi, executive vice president of JSIEC, Liu Siwei, general secretary of JSIEC, senior engineer Lin Jianwei and Ji Jie, chairman and general manager of Shanghai MediWorks Brain Chen, vice general manager Amy Zhan, supply chain director George Xu and other core members in R&D team of Shanghai MediWorks, attened the signing ceremony.

Professor Zhang Mingzhi visited ophthalmic equipments of Shanghai MediWorks.

As the executive vice president of JSIEC, Professor Zhang Mingzhi is the leader of high-level clinical key experts in Guangdong Province, and the director of Guangdong Engineering Technology Research Center for Precision Diagnosis and Treatment of Eye Diseases. In addition to focusing on disease treatment, she also focuses on the key areas of eye health and major health strategic planning of international and national attention, and deeply cultivates for frontirer topics of eye health mangement and intervention covering the whole life cycle. Professor Zhang expressed high recognition and expectation for this strategic cooperation.“ At present, China's ophthalmic medical level is in a stage of rapid development and upgrading, and the industry-university-research cooperation between hospitals and enterprises has broad prospects.” said Professor Zhang Mingzhi. “ This cooperation aims to ‘do one project with whole heart’ , gathering strength and utilize the resource advantages of both parties, and further explore a new model of  dual-drive cooperation between hospitals and enterprises, helping to improve and even to break through, and lead the professional level of eye disease diagnosis and treatment in China.”

“The medical-industrial cooperation and project delivery with JSIEC have effectively opened up a field that promotes the convergence of multidisciplinary intelligent innovations such as software, information, and artificial intelligence. This major window of opportunity is also a milestone for Shanghai MediWorks to move towards faster and more accurate diagnosis and treatment of assisting in diagnosing clinical problems in ophthalmology .” Chairman and general manager of Shanghai MediWorks Brain Chen said, “Shanghai MediWorks will continue to tirelessly take clinical needs as the basis, take scientific and technological innovation as the guide, solidly promote the integration and development of disciplines, and concentrate the best R&D resources to jointly devote itself to the diagonosis and treatment of difficult diseases, so as to bring better anlytical services to ophthalmologists and patients.”

The exploration of clinical medicine is endless, and the two parties firmly believe that this cooperation will deepen the integration of "production, education and research", give full play to each other's technology and resource advantages in the intersection of medicine and engineering, and the integration of medical research, produce the highland effect of 1+1>2 in their respective fields, and promote the vigorous development of human eye health.

The launching ceremony of the strategic cooperation ended successfully in a warm atmosphere of harmony, intimacy and shared vision.