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Details Make the Difference
Post on 2022-02-12

Automatic Fundus Camera showed at the first Health Service Center in Shanghai

The first domestic white-collar health management service center “Shanghai Health Service Center”was established in Shanghai Center, the tallest building in China.
This innovative pattern is a powerful response to Healthy China Action, therefore attracts much attention and listed by Shanghai Federation of Trade Unions as one of demonstration sites.


Fast pace of work gives unprecedented pressure on employees. Sudden outbreak of Covid increased much attention of white-collar workers on health management and raised higher requirements for health services. As covid tends to be normalized, Shanghai Center is committed to providing easy to get services and therefore to establish the “Shanghai Health Service Center ”together with Federation of Trade Unions, Municipal Health commission, Urban Investment Group and other organizations.

Shanghai Health Service Center is located at Shanghai Center Building with 300 sqm. As the first sample of Shanghai characteristics, core service of the health service center is to manage white-collar sub-health and chronic cardiovascular disease. Oriental hospital also have employees to take part in first aid training, health consults, pharmaceutical dispensing service, face talk with experts, appointment check registration and green channel for white collar workers.

Eye care is also an important issue for white-collar workers. Eyes are the windows to know your body health and also the only non-invasive way to inspect retina, choroid, blood vessels, nerves and so on and all of the information could be observed through one image of retina. The group of middle age and older people is under highly risk to have glaucoma, retina diseases caused by diabetes, retinal vein obstruction, hypertensive retinopathy.


MediWorks FC162 automatic fundus camera is chosen to be one of the service instruments. With fully automatic voice interaction, the device takes only 30s to capture binocular fundus images. Great tool of quick release and also helps a lot in clinics where there are not many working employees. The images obtained by FC162 are all non-mydriatic, can detect eye disease in the early stage so as to start preventive treatment as soon as possible.


FC162 automatic fundus camera uses the auto split focusing technology and successfully avoids the out of focus images that occurs when a patient moves during examination.This is super user friendly, especially for elder people and kids.

The camera will automatically get binocular retina images and generate AI diagnosis report supported by the 3rd party. And FC162 is able to issue up to 15 Mega pixels images, high resolution images support zoom in and check the small details of the fundus. 50° field of view offers big range of images to enable professionals analyze peripheral lesions. To help doctors make quick diagnosis, the camera takes an important role.

"Fundus images provide doctors with more valuable information about the progress of eye disease and valuable device like MediWorks FC162 is a good choice"
By Shanghai Free Trade Area (FTA) Administration