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Details Make the Difference
Post on 2021-10-26

How A Hand Held Fundus Camera Benefits Us?

The use of ophthalmic equipment has skyrocketed its demand to much extent in modern times, not to mention the hand-held fundus camera. It is a hand-held retinal camera specifically developed for fundus imaging, diagnosis, disease screening in patients of all ages from pediatric to geriatric. The easy-to-use retinal camera allows ophthalmologists to take high-resolution pictures of the fundus and transfer them easily to the PC in several ways. The benefits of this device are numerous, and this post will elucidate the most important advantages. Let's read on to learn something more.


How many benefits does a hand-held fundus camera bring?

The hand-held camera allows doctors to view the retina more deeply to obtain comprehensive results and comparisons. On the other hand, patients generally feel more comfortable with a hand-held fundus camera during the exam because they don't need to be placed into the stationary machine that takes more time for adjustment. To mention that, the non-mydriatic from MediWorks not only enables professionals to get high-definition pictures of the retina and optic disc but also avoids the risk of mydriasis to the patients.

More precisely, the advantages and features of a hand-held fundus camera include the following aspects:
· Easy operation.
· A lightweight device that allows ophthalmologists to operate with one hand.
· Ergonomic design will provide a satisfying user experience.
· User-friendly interface.
· Real-time display.
· Several methods to transfer images (PC transfer through the USB port, SD card, data analysis software, and wireless transfer to Cloud or PC from a camera).


Where to use the hand-held fundus camera?

A hand-held fundus camera is primarily used to enable smooth fundus photography eye tests and decrease the risk of mydriasis in patients. In a nutshell, this instrument primarily serves to perform fundus imaging to diagnose and screen for fundus disease. The hand-held fundus camera has plenty of ophthalmology practices. The following is a brief list:

√ Diabetic retinopathy.
√ Glaucoma.
√ Macular degeneration.
√ Telemedicine.
√ Optic disc edema.
√ Rapid screening.
√ Remote medical treatment.

Where to purchase the best hand-held fundus camera?

Despite multiple manufacturers and suppliers of hand-held fundus cameras, not all of them are equally good options for your needs. Purchasing the hand-held fundus camera from the best brand allows you to benefit from its applications and features. At the same time, it minimizes the problems that may occur with low-quality instruments. The best place to get your hand-held fundus camera is MediWorks.

We at MediWorks provide you with FC161 hand-held fundus camera, which has received outstanding feedback at the SIOF 2021, that uses the latest technology to improve the image quality. The advanced retinal camera relies on the Auto Split focusing technology and successfully avoids the out-of-focus of the fundus image that occurs when a patient moves during the exam.

Moreover, the image resolution of this retinal camera is up to 12 megapixels, meaning ophthalmologists can make their diagnoses with greater accuracy. With a minimum pupil diameter of φ3.0mm, the camera saves 20 minutes of mydriatic waiting time and reduces the risk of mydriasis.


Thanks to the nine fixation targets, the hand-held fundus camera can cover an 85° field of view of the fundus. In this case, it enables professionals to analyze early peripheral lesions of the fundus. The camera comes with a full-touch LED screen that also allows professionals to zoom the image effortlessly. It is worthwhile mentioning that our retinal camera supports real-time synchronization between the patient management software created by MediView and fundus images through a WiFi connection.


The hand-held fundus camera not only obtains high-definition pictures to assist doctors in detecting eye diseases in the early stage but also promotes the progress of telemedicine. These are significant reasons that the hand-held fundus camera is becoming popular worldwide. Among various choices in the market, not every camera is a good fit for your needs, which is why MediWorks stands out as the best choice of a brand.


We at MediWorks are a well-known brand in this industry, and our devices are used in over 100 countries. We rely on cutting-edge technology and innovation to create a feature-laden hand-held fundus camera. MediWorks FC161 received positive feedback from our customers all over the world. Thus, we are your reliable partner that will not disappoint you. Come and take some time to hear how we may help you.