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Details Make the Difference
Post on 2021-10-09

5 Suggestions You Need to Consider Before Choosing a Vision Screener

A vision screener is an efficient method of identifying impairments that affect the eyesight of adults and children. By using this advanced technology, conditions that cause poor vision can be controlled to delay their progression. For that reason, a vision screener with cutting-edge technology is crucial for doctors in this field. Not every vision screener is a good choice for your business. In this article, we will focus on some essential things you need to consider before buying this ophthalmic equipment. And finally, we will recommend the best product for you.


Things to consider before choosing a vision screener

A vision screener is a valuable addition to your business, but not every instrument will yield the same effects. The vision screener should be capable of detecting potentially damaging diseases more effectively with greater accuracy. The followings are some essential factors you need to consider before buying a vision screener. 

1.Target group

When choosing a vision screener, the first thing you need to take into consideration is the target demographics, i.e., patients. Do you primarily treat children, adults, or patients of all ages? The answer to this question will help you choose the right device because the instrument should be age-appropriate. 


Is the vision screener designed in such a way to help you detect irregularities quickly and easily? The design of a vision screener speaks volumes about the overall experience you're going to have with this instrument. 


The vision screener should be easy to use, operates smoothly, and has quick performance. Thus, an instrument that features the latest technology and user-friendly software for easier patient management is your best choice. 



The vision screener you buy should have the capability to detect various eye impairments. The application should include cases of myopia, anisometropia, hyperopia, astigmatism, just to name a few. More precisely, the instrument you choose should be versatile enough for use in different cases and conditions.

5.Examination results 

The vision screen you choose should have clear and useful examination results. High accuracy and fast operation do not mean much if examination results are unclear or useless. You can't spot irregularities and recommend an adequate treatment approach to your patient by unclear results. So, it is essential to choose a vision screener that yields useful, clear, accurate, and informative results. 

What is the best vision screener to buy?

With a wide selection of vision screeners on the market, it can be particularly tricky to choose the one that will benefit the patients. Here we want to recommend the Vision Screener V100 from MediWorks, whose main mission is to protect vision by detecting abnormalities. What makes the V100 the best vision screener to buy? Here are the most important characteristics. 

1.Wide range of groups

The Vision Screener V100 is a type of ophthalmic equipment that doctors can apply to different profiles of patients. The target groups' age from six-month-old babies to adults, which means more patients can benefit from the device. Otherwise, you would have to limit your service to a specific age group only. Meanwhile, it will bring doctors tremendous convenience during the treatment with interesting sounds to attract children.

2.Portable designs

The portable design of the V100 adds to the overall practicality of the instrument. It will simplify the examination process with its portable hand features. Doctors have the opportunity to use the vision screener at mass screening events, which wouldn't be possible if the device lacked portability. 

3.Easy to operate

The Vision Screener V100 is easy to use and operate. It is user-friendly and requires minimal user training only. The device can screen both eyes from a distance of 1 meter. Once the pupils are in focus, the device will automatically calculate and deliver results within 1 second. 


4.Disparate applications

Our vision screener, V100, is suitable to use in different places. Doctors can use this versatile device to screen and detect a wide range of conditions, which including the following places:

✓ Myopia (nearsightedness)
✓ Anisometropia (unequal refractive power)
✓ Hyperopia (farsightedness)
✓ Strabismus (eye misalignment)
✓ Astigmatism (blurred vision)
✓ Anisocoria (unequal pupil size)

5.Explicit and useful results

As we have introduced, the Vision Screener V100 delivers clear and useful results in 1 second. And the results are objective and easy to understand. The device is easier to detect irregularities with fast and thorough results and then recommend the most suitable treatment option to you. With the help of Mediview, a patient management system, the doctor will easily get clinical manage patient records, images, and data collected by the vision screener. And finally, the test results can be printed quickly via the connection of Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. 


The warp up

All in all, our vision screener V100, which is regarded as the best assistant to doctors, is your best choice. We are constantly dedicated to providing advanced and easy-to-use devices to satisfy our customers' special needs. With the ability of rapid detection, vision screener V100 is your trustworthy partner to enhance your working efficiency. 
MediWorks, a company whose devices are helpful assistants in over 100 countries, is the world leader in manufacturing medical equipment. Our products are easy to use, accurate, fast, and yield results quickly. It's all thanks to the cutting-edge technology and attention to detail. We guarantee you will get the most satisfactory journey in cooperating with us! So, now, don't hesitate to contact us!