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Details Make the Difference
Post on 2021-08-26

How Ophthalmic Equipment From MediWorks Shines In Academic Events

People largely depend on their vision to perform daily tasks - everything from typing a document to hanging the clothes. Awareness of the important role that eye health plays has become crucial in the modern-day, especially considering the advancements in treatments. For an optometrist, awareness of problems in patients plays a crucial role in allowing them to take better care of the individual. It is also where an early diagnosis of eye diseases comes into play. With this in mind, having access to an office that is equipped with appropriate tools and diagnostic systems becomes critical. 

Ophthalmic equipment forms a foundation for the optometrist’s office. The equipment allows various tests and examinations to be performed on the patient’s eye, which provides improved efficiency in diagnosing conditions.


Benefits Of Ophthalmic Equipment

Multiple types of ophthalmic equipment are available, each providing specific functionality. At MediWorks, we have been working closely with professionals in the industry to develop equipment that meets - and even exceeds - standards set by optometrists. Our selection of equipment helps you be more accurate when examining patients. 

●Digital Slit Lamp

It is one of the simplest products in our ophthalmic equipment range, yet such an important piece to have in the office. The digital slit lamp uses state-of-the-art technology while also being compact in design. It ensures less space is used in practice, but you still gain access to the technology needed to make an accurate diagnosis. These designs are also applied in our other standard slit lamps. However, one thing that distinguishes these two types is that the digital slit lamp provides digital modules. Our digital slit lamp offers advanced features, including accompanying software, real-time infrared video feed for o-MGD probing, the HD optical system, and auto AI analysis. These unique merits lead to the situation that our products stand out from other same products.

Our S390L firefly WDR slit lamp microscope provides meibomian glands photography with the assistant of auto AI analysis. Also, the built-in infrared light source allows the doctor to accurately judge the absence of the meibomian glands. Not only that, we aim to provide our customers with simple design and operation. Thus, it can be used for several automatic modes like auto exposure, auto white balance, auto gain, and wide dynamic range once installed.

●Dry Eye Diagnostic System

Dry eyes are a common problem among the population. Dry eye disease affects up to 50% of the population. There are several other reasons for dry eyes. The dry eye diagnostic system from MediWorks provides a comprehensive solution for identifying the reasons behind this symptom. The system comes complete with the main hardware, as well as the software used to gain a closer look at the patient’s eye.

One thing we should highlight is that the system supports a comprehensive report which contains 7 dry eye diagnosis, AI non-invasive break time, AI evaluation of meibomian glands, and so on. Moreover, it not possesses some standard merits compared with others but also provides several unique ones. For example, it can accurately assess the cause of dry eye by providing quantitative analysis of inspection data. And then, the excellent dry eye diagnostic system assists doctors in diagnosis with less complicated procedures.

●Portable Slit Lamp

Some optometrists find themselves in need of a slit lamp while they are not at the office. Our excellent product, the S150 Portable Slit Lamp, does the job very well in these scenarios. This portable tool works alongside a smartphone to provide a complete diagnostic solution in the optometrist’s pocket. Also, once attached to your phone, you will get clear images easily. The slit lamp microscope can be useful in various cases, including dry eye diagnosis. 

In addition, the portable slit lamp has colt blue illumination to assist anterior segment examination. On the one hand, the LED illumination system is quite pleased for the patient due to the low heat, and the sharp slit will undoubtedly give you the same quality as a desk slit lamp. On the other hand, it weighs only 240g with its battery and fits easily and comfortably in your hand. With the superior function like portable, it brings tremendous convenience for clinicians to carry everywhere and record the pathology and eye conditions of patients.


MediWorks Shines At Three Academic Events In July

In July, our equipment was successfully shown off at certain academic events. These events were all related to eye health and conditions. We were so proud to have our ophthalmic equipment used during presentations and even in one training session in the event. 


During Vision China 2021, experts in the industry were provided an elaborated explanation of the meibomian gland, with a large focus on secretion, composition, morphology, and other topics. While during the demonstration, our superior products, both the dry eye diagnostics system and the digital slit lamp, were used. 

In the same month, our types of ophthalmic equipment were seen at the CSCS 2021. Over 2600 individuals were present at the event. We were fortunate to be provided with our booth - at A220 - where multiple visitors were excited to see the latest devices and technology from the brand in action. 

During the DRC 2021, our equipment was seen used during the Dry Eye Rehabilitation China event. In particular, a training session was provided to experts attending the event. The Wetlab Dry Eye Practical Training conference used the dry eye diagnostics system from us to demonstrate the modules covered. People in the event absolutely have a great time.


At recent academic events, MediWorks ophthalmic equipment was successful have superior performance. We believe our remarkable performance during the events will surely bring great influence to people who need our products. In fact, we have been committed to producing high-quality equipment constantly and continue to help optometrists gain an advantage in diagnostics. Optometrists interested in finding out how our equipment can help them improve accuracy and efficiency are invited to visit our official website.