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Details Make the Difference
Post on 2021-07-30

Why MediWorks Portable Slit Lamp Is A Valuable Purchase

An estimated 12 million people over 40 years have some level of vision impairment in the United States, which is shown in the CDC. Among these, an estimated one million are completely blind. About 4.2 million individuals have an uncorrectable vision impairment. Moreover, children younger than 18 years, are approximately 6.8%, have a diagnosed eye and vision condition. The statistics are estimated to double in numbers by the year 2050. Early testing and diagnosis of ophthalmic conditions can provide more effective results when treatment is initiated.

A large number of diagnostic tools are available to assist in the diagnostics process. Today, we introduce you to the S150 portable slit lamp from MediWorks, a compact device that is more than just a lamp. We take a look at why this lamp might be the ideal addition to your arsenal of ophthalmic equipment. However, before that, let’s figure out why ophthalmic testing is vital in eye diagnosis.

The Role of Ophthalmic Testing in Eye Diagnosis

Vision is one of the imperative senses for most people, allowing them to navigate the world around them and visually obtain information. Several eye conditions exist, and some of these can put a patient's vision at risk. Common problems include red eyes, eye strain, night blindness, and even floaters, but more serious conditions need to be taken into account. Cataracts, glaucoma, and macular degeneration are considered leading causes of the high prevalence of vision loss, especially among older patients. 


The earlier these problems are diagnosed, the more efficient treatments tend to be. Diagnosis later makes it harder to effectively treat the condition or prevent it from escalating at an accelerated rate. 

It is why ophthalmic testing is such an important part of an optometrist's work. Ophthalmic testing involves multiple strategies that allow the provider to identify specific problems with the patient's eye. 

Overview of the MediWorks S150 Portable Slit Lamp

Slit lamps play a crucial role in ensuring a thorough examination of a patient's eyes. These lamps combine both a light and a special type of microscope. A slit lamp allows the provider to gain a 3D view of the patient's eyes. The doctor will generally look at the outside and inside of the eye to identify any potential problems. In some cases, the slit lamp is used with an ophthalmoscope to view the back of the eye.

The S150 portable slit lamp is a compact option considered an essential part of a provider's set of tools. The lamp can be used anywhere - this includes the office and at the patient's location should a call-out be made. The portable design even allows the provider to travel with their slit lamp. The lamp does more than just provide light, as it comes with a microscope. 


How The S150 Portable Slit Lamp Is Used

The S150 portable slit lamp was designed to be easier to use - and only requires two items. These include the lamp itself, as well as a smartphone. A magnet on the lamp makes it easy to attach to a smartphone. Once it is installed, the test can be commenced. The next step is to hold the slit lamp to the patient's eyes to do an examination. This easy-to-use makes MediWorks portable slit lamps widely used in various countries for ophthalmic diseases.  

MediWorks S150 Portable Slit Lamp Versus Alternatives

MediWorks is constantly dedicated to providing more convenient and affordable ophthalmic slit lamps for ophthalmologists worldwide. Compared with alternative options, several benefits make the S150 the best choice for you:

 ● Convenience: Since the device is very small, it is easier to carry around. No external power is needed for the device to function, which means the provider is not tied to the office when they need to conduct an eye examination. 

● More than a lamp: The S150 is not just a lamp. It comes with Colt Blue Illumination. It helps with the examination of the anterior segment. Moreover, the S150 portable slit lamp is an assistant for ophthalmologists. It is an essential tool for ophthalmologists to diagnose ophthalmic diseases with smooth shooting operation and high chemical resolution.

● Ease of use: Extra tools are not needed to use the S150, but rather just the lamp itself and your smartphone's camera. And then, the pathology and eye conditions of patients will be recorded. Moreover, the crack is adjustable from 0 to 12mm, and the brightness is optional with three types.

● Built-in rechargeable battery: The built-in rechargeable battery ensures the portable slit lamp lasts no less than 6 hours. 

● LED light resource: The S150 portable slit lamp uses LED light resources to provide you an experience with low power consumption and high luminous efficiency.


Ophthalmic diseases cannot be neglected. The earlier these diseases are detected, the more adequate measures would be taken. However, facing disparate choices with various diagnostic tools, the S150 portable slit lamp is the one you can't miss. 
The S150 portable slit lamp from MediWorks, a professional portable slit lamp manufacturer and portable slit lamp distributor, is a piece of convenient ophthalmic equipment that fits into a pocket. The tool connects to your smartphone and allows you to effectively diagnose certain eye conditions. The tool uses a simple two-step procedure, speeding up the testing process, thus allowing for faster diagnosis and early treatment. For more information, please don't hesitate to contact us. We will spare no effort to give the best service.