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Details Make the Difference
Post on 2021-07-07

Top 3 Reasons for Choosing Dental Microscopes to Cure Dental Problems

With the development of society, many things change rapidly. For example, the past few years have witnessed a social phenomenon that many people are suffering from dental problems. Therefore, various dentists use dental microscopes, which are handled to magnify the teeth, to cure dental diseases. With the help of dental operating microscopes, dentists can have a better view of the condition of the teeth and thus solve the dental problem. Nowadays, we can see dental microscopes are widely used in hospitals, not only help the dentist to analyze the disease but also let patients have a better understanding of their dental problems.


It is acknowledged that dental microscopes are helpful, not only help us to have a clinical diagnosis before a dental surgery but also valuable for curing root canal therapy, oral mucosal disease, dental restoration, and other dental diseases. There are top three significant reasons why we should use dental microscopes to cure these dental problems.

More clear to see

Dental microscopes can both improve visual resolution and treatment precision. On the one hand, the naked vision resolution is about 200 microns for human people. Still, dental operating microscopes can boost vision resolution to 10 microns, which is 20 times better than naked vision. Thus with the help of microscopes, both dentists and patients can get a better light image of a root canal.

On the other hand, through it, we can see the delicate structures in the root canal system and some other problems in our teeth. Therefore, under the guidance of dental operating microscopes, the affected teeth' successful treatment and retention rates have been highly enhanced.

SM620 20210415 中文-10.png
SM620 20210415 中文-11.png
SM620 20210415 中文-12.png

More comfortable to use

As it is known to us all, the more the machine that we use fits our body, the more comfortable we feel to use it. Under the usage of traditional heavy and immovable devices, most dentists would be tired. Should pain and neck damage will be caused with time going.

However, operating under the dental microscopes, the user would feel more relaxed with an up sitting working posture. Besides, The 180° variable Angle binocular tube conforms to the ergonomic principle, ensuring the clinician obtains the most comfortable sitting posture, effectively relieving the shoulder and neck. Thus the more comfortable we can feel, the more concentration we can focus on curing root canal therapy.

More convenient to communicate

The image from dental operating microscopes can help patients have a more intuitive understanding of their symptoms, enhancing the communication between dentists and doctors. In the traditional treatment process, it is difficult for patients to directly see the pathological changes of their teeth because they can only judge it by their postoperative pain feelings.

However, now things changed. Patients can direct watch the treatment process in real-time such as they can see the inside of the medullary cavity and root canal through the monitor. In addition, advanced technology has made the communication between patients and dentists more clear and understandable.

SM620 20210415 中文-17.png


All in all, This satisfactory phenomenon that the pain in patients' teeth is alleviated after professional treatment not only requires the treatment of a professional dentist but also the support of proficient equipment. Besides, the response of using dental microscopes to make a dental diagnosis and cure dental diseases is fantastic.

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