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Details Make the Difference
Post on 2021-07-07

To Fulfill Dry Eye Diagnosis, You Need A Professional Device

With the development of society and the advancement of technology, an increasing number of people may feel dryness, burning sensation, foreign body sensation, visual fatigue, vision blurred, visual fluctuations, and other symptoms after using a phone or computer for a long time. It is likely to have dry eye syndrome if you have any of these symptoms. Dye eye syndrome has a significant impact on our daily life and work.

It’s proved that people who have dry eyes in America are between 16 million and 49 million, about 5-15% of the population, and global dry eye treatments are expected to top over USD6.6 billion by the end of 2027. Therefore to protect the eyes well, taking some measures such as using dry eye devices to have a dry eye diagnosis is reasonably necessary.

As the dry eye causes are varied, a significant number of factors contribute to dry eye causes. For example, looking at electronic devices for a long time, not getting enough sleep, staying in an air-conditioned room all day and not paying attention to eye cleaning, and so on. Thus, to better preserve our eyes, we should use some professional dry eye devices to fulfill dry eye diagnosis.


Functions of Using Devices to Fulfill Dry Eye Diagnosis

A dry eye diagnostic system is an excellent dry eye device that can enhance accurate diagnoses and earlier intervention, guiding customized treatment. Using proficient devices to fulfill dry eye diagnosis is essential, and there are six significant functions of why we should use dry eye devices.

Calculate NIBUT

Non-invasive tear break-up time (NIBUT) is the time interval from keeping the eyes open to the first dry spot appearing on the surface of the tear film. The dry eye device to have a dry eye diagnosis brings out an automatic result of NIBUT and tear meniscus height after taking one video. It is a fully automatic analysis system to provide efficient quantified evaluation for the overall stability of tear film. NIBUT more than ten seconds is considered normal, while less than 10 seconds indicates instability in the tear film.


Calculate tear meniscus height

This dry eye diagnosis is using an AI identification system that depicts the tear meniscus area and measures the tear height automatically. It is more efficient and less irritating compared with the traditional test. The normal height of the tear meniscus is more than 0.2mm.

Calculate meibomian glands

As one of the most common reasons for dry eye, meibomian gland loss and eyelid meibomian gland blockages are highly prevalent, also famous as MGD. Based on clinical data, at least 50% or more of clinical patients having MGD problems.

When patients got meibomian glands blockages, they may feel itchy eyes, dryness, and increased oil secretion, which brings heavy burdens to the lipid layer. Meibomian gland loss is mainly caused by unreasonable use of the eye, meibomian gland blockages, and other reasons. Dry eyes may develop after MGD. However, MGD causes great changes in the lipid layer and the eyelid margin, which can be harmful to the eyes. When the lipid layer becomes abnormal, we may have a glandular mouth protrusion at the edge of the eyelid.

The AI identification system provides precise and quantified dry eye diagnosis results. By using it, the dry eye device automatically analyzes the meibomian gland, lipid layer thickness, and eyelid margin. The built-in infrared lighting system helps doctors obtain the enormous image scope of the meibomian glands. If the figure is less than one-third, it indicates the loss of meibomian glands. If the image is ophthalmic embolism bright and transparent, it indicates it is normal. Comparing with the standard grading template and recording the lipid layer thickness helps judge meibomian glands dysfunction.

Analyze conjunctival hyperemia

This function of dry eye diagnosis is to identify and calculate percentages of conjunctival congestion and ciliary congestions, so finally evaluating the severity of eye congestion. If the degree of severity of eye congestion is more than two, it means abnormal.

It is worth mentioning that the AI identification system from MediWorks can automatically identify meibomian gland missing green, which is not available in the market. Through this advanced technology in MediWorks, a copious of dry eye patients can be better diagnosed as well as doctors are better to respond.


We believe that it is crucial to have a dry eye diagnosis if you have dryness, blurred vision, and other simple symptoms of dry eye. Besides, a capable dry eye device is of great necessity to finish dry eye diagnosis. 

MediWorks is proficient in producing high-quality dry eye series. We are devoted ourselves to providing ophthalmologists and optometrists with capable products, advanced technologies, and superior services. The devices are using in over 100 countries and by thousands of clinicians. 

In addition, our dry eye diagnostic system has some significant features. For example, it is in the adjustable depth of field, making the glands more prominent and distinguishable against the background, and Non-invasive examination method to avoid the stimulation of traditional fluorescein sodium staining method. Therefore our capable products are welcomed by people worldwide.