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Details Make the Difference
Post on 2021-06-02

MediWorks Gains Fruitful Result at SIOF 2021 with Ophthalmic Solutions

On May 6, 2021, MediWorks brought ophthalmic solutions to take part in the 3-day 20th China (Shanghai) International Optics Fair held in Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center. At the event, the displayed vision screener, dry eye diagnostic system, digital slit lamp, anterior segment analyzer, and fundus photography camera became the spotlight at the booth to attract a large number of participants.


Due to the global outbreak of the COVID-19, almost all the exhibitions in the first half of 2020 have been delayed or canceled. However, the opening of the 20th China (Shanghai) International Optics Fair is undoubtedly the common expectation of all-optical colleagues after the positive measurements have been taken to contain the epidemic.

SIOF 2021 is recognized as a large-scale, effective and service-oriented optical event in China, attracting 800 + exhibitors and more than 70,000 visitors. It has brought new ophthalmic solutions and technology to visitors, shared advanced clinic experiences, and built a product exhibition and technology exchange platform throughout the ophthalmology industry chain. The successful opening of the SIOF 2021 is a broad stage for exhibitors like MediWorks to explore overseas markets, find dealers and potential clients.

In order to let participants feel the charm of the ophthalmic instruments, MediWorks took blue and white as its main color of the booth, aiming to provide more effective communication services for participants. MediWorks has been committed to the research of ophthalmic solutions, and the vision screener, dry eye diagnostic system, digital slit lamp, anterior segment analyzer, and fundus photography camera displayed on the expo affirmed the effort MediWorks makes.


Dry eye diagnostic system and digital slit lamp as star products launched by MediWorks at the event are a favorite among all the displayed products, aiming to enhance accurate diagnoses and earlier intervention of dry eye. The dry eye diagnostic system and digital slit lamp are equipped with high-quality optical elements and a built-in yellow filter, which is one of the best solutions for dry eye diagnosis and AI meibomian gland analysis.

They have been preset with a variety of camera parameters, which means that automatic shooting and data processing is accessible for ophthalmologists. With MediWorks’ ophthalmic solutions, the observation of the meibomian gland and analysis of the tear film break-up time, red eyes, Keratopathy exposure, and tear meniscus height can be more effective and accurate. In addition, the dry eye diagnostic system also has guiding significance, providing comprehensive reports of seven kinds of dry eye diagnosis for doctors to carry out disease analysis and telemedicine.

The anterior segment analyzer is specially designed for "IOL optimization" in refractive cataract surgery. It has significant value for the anterior segment surgeons in corneal pathology cases as they can extract a lot of valuable details from a series of topography maps, including cornea curvature maps, cornea thickness maps, and cornea elevation maps Scansys anterior segment analyzer provides.


Besides, the fundus photography camera also received good feedback from participants at the SIOF 2021. MediWorks fundus photography camera is a non-mydriatic fundus camera that enables a smooth fundus photography eye test and reduces the risk of mydriasis to the patients. High-resolution fundus images and intelligent systems raise it to the first choice of the ophthalmologist.

What the exciting part of the event is that MediWorks provided a free on-site experience for participants to more directly feel the charm of MediWorks’ products and the professionalism of the services at the scene of the SIOF 2021. In this case, participants can gain an excellent experience by practicing the ophthalmic instruments in advance.


In recent years, research on the treatment and diagnosis of ophthalmology is still hot, and people still have the highest expectation for innovative ophthalmic solutions. Only with deep passion can we have deep discovery. The development of digital treatment is irreversible and will only continue to go up along a steep slope. MediWorks will invest more time and energy, meet more new opportunities, burst out new inspiration, and provide the best ophthalmic solution for the optics industry.