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Details Make the Difference
Post on 2021-01-26

Slit Lamp Photo Competition Sponsored by MediWorks Raises Ophthalmology’s Significance

The 10th "Caring for Myopia, Smile Forum" was successfully held in Crowne Plaza Pujiang, Shanghai, to share the development of the most popular full femtosecond smile surgery in China. It is favored by many patients because of the advantages of minimally invasive incision and quick postoperative recovery. MediWorks, together with many experts and ophthalmologists from all over the country, went to enjoy a visual feast.

The conference invited many celebrities of refractive surgery and myopia prevention and control experts from all over the world to share new technologies and methods of ophthalmic clinical diagnosis and treatment. It is critical to pay attention to ophthalmic diseases, but to examine and take photos of patients for further diagnosis and research by ophthalmic photographic equipment has become a routine operation for ophthalmologists. With the rapid development of ophthalmic medicine, the slit lamp microscope has become an indispensable instrument for ophthalmic diagnosis.


The slit lamp microscope is composed of an illumination system and binocular microscope. It can not only make the superficial lesions clearly observed but also adjust the focus and the width of the light source to make an "optical section" so that the deep tissue lesions can be clearly displayed.

Therefore, to further improve the slit lamp photography level of doctors and pour more innovative ideas into the clinical diagnosis and treatment of Ophthalmology, a slit lamp photography competition - Image Matters was held by Eye &ENT Hospital of Fudan University and sponsored by MediWorks during the 10th "Caring for Myopia, Smile Forum".


The Image Matters competition lasted 20 days and 102 works from 28 hospitals are received by a panel of experts composed of five professors to select 10 excellent works through strict screening and professional evaluation. The top 16 works in the semifinal and top 10 works in the final are all shot by MediWorks slit lamps through different slit lamp photography skills to observe the eye lesions. Among them, the photo with the name of The Blister in the Eye Lens (Cataract) won first place in the final, using the method of rear reflective illumination that is used to check the "small blisters" on the surface of the cornea or foreign bodies in the deep layer of the cornea during corneal edema. The other two photos, named Morphological Observation of Meibomian Gland and Haze (Granular Corneal Dystrophy), were ranked second and third, respectively. Both of them used the direct illumination method, providing valuable case reference for clinical diagnosis of Ophthalmology.

The digital slit lamp has gradually won the heart of a large number of ophthalmologists, becoming an essential means of diagnosis and treatment as it can quickly give higher accuracy and safer diagnosis results. MediWorks slit lamp was displayed on-site and attracted the interest of the participants during the slit lamp photography competition - Image Matters.


MediWorks slit lamp has been widely used in more than 100 countries and thousands of clinicians to examine the Meibomian gland and automatically analyze loss rate. As a necessary tool for diagnosing ophthalmic diseases, high chemical resolution and smooth shooting operation are the key factors to measure whether the slit lamp is worth buying.

Comprehensive camera settings are priested in our slit lamp microscope to avoid parameter settings for ophthalmologists before using. It is in the working state as soon as installed. Moreover, there is a quick button on the control panel for doctors to capture the right picture to describe the pathology. In other words, if ophthalmologists press the "capture" button, the slit lamp will automatically record the picture. This greatly improves the efficiency of diagnosis and is friendly to some senior doctors.

The optical resolution of MediWorks slit lamp has been increased by 40%, and the video pixels have been upgraded to 5 million, which enables the machine to take clear and vivid pictures, being a piece of good news for those who pursue high-quality pictures. Our digital slit lamp is also equipped with a unique built-in infrared light source lighting system to enlarge the shooting area for the Meibomian gland.

The success of the slit lamp photography competition – Image Matters is of great significance to both ophthalmologists and the whole ophthalmic industry, giving us a further understanding of ophthalmic diseases. As a sponsor of slit lamp photography competition always, MediWorks is also deeply aware that the challenge in the future research and development of ophthalmic equipment, but we will spare no effort to provide the most effective solutions for the ophthalmic industry.