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Details Make the Difference
Surgical Microscope

Top Optical Quality

Imported German SCHOTT optical lens, application of apochromatic design, multi-layer optical coating, high resolution, extended depth of field, greatly reducing the fatigue of the dentists’ eyes.

Variofocus Objective

Working Distance:200- 430mm

When the tooth is defocus, there is no need to move the microscope or change the working position. Just adjust the variofocus objective lens to focus, efficient and fast.

Excellent Balance Arm

Equipped with dual-joint balance adjustment, even attached external acessories such as SLR cameras, mirrorless digital cameras, video cameras, etc., the balance arm assures a ultra-smooth and comfortable operation during reposition of the microscope.

Inclinable Binocular Tube

In accord with ergonomics, the widest range and angle can improve working comfort for dentists, reduce the suffer from back, neck and shoulder pain.

Pendulum Function

Adjusting rotation ring to keep the binocular tube always in horizontal status. Working with binocular extender, rotate the binocular 25°.

4 in 1 moudle

Integrate 30°extender, beam splitter, rotation ring and 4K camera, not only improves the optical performance, but also reduces the weight of external accessories. Internal 4K camera with lower noise, higher sensitivity and resolution. Equipped with wireless foot pedal, allows to capture photos and videos without touching the microscope, the collected photos are stored in high-speed SD card, real-time wireless signal transmission, also adapt for Mediview software which is independently developed by MediWorks.

Picture Management System

Mediview software is based on digitization and internet with intelligent case management and simple operation interface. It can be connected to the digital module of the microscope through wireless or HDMI cable to record therapeutic process, also can save all of cases in database for easy review.

Image Contrast

One screen can show two or four pictures, with search and edit function which is helpful for clinical communication, education, research, etc.,


Easy for remote dentists to review picture and diagnosis. Dentists can inform the patient for further treatment if there is intractable case.

More optional accessories

4 in 1 module, 30°extender, beam splitter, rotation ring, Sony/Nikon/Canon SLR digital camera adapter, wireless foot pedal, laser protection kit, long zoom objective lens etc.,


Basic Configuration



Magnification system
Manual magnification changer
Zoom magnification changer
0.4x -  2.4x
F=250mm / Fine focusing range 13mm
Varifocal 120, F=200 -  320mm
Connecting arm
120° balance arm
12.5x wide-field eyepieces, diopter adjustable of eyepiece ±7D
Binocular tube
180° tiltable tube
Pupil distance adjustment
52 -  75mm
Orange filter, Green filter
Illumination source
LED 5700K
Illumination spot
Mount options
Floor stand, Ceiling mount, Wall mount, Table top

Configuration options

Lighting mode

Varifocal 120, F=200 -  320mm
Varifocal 230,F=200 -  430mm

Varifocal 230,F=200 -  430mm
Integrated camera
HD1080P output

External camera
1/3" CCD Interface F=55mm
Canon/Nikon/SONY SLR digital camera adapter
4 in 1
30°  binocular extender + beam splitter + rotation ring + 4K camera
Beam splitter
2:8 or 5:5
Binocular extender
30° binocular extender, 30° binocular extender & beam splitter
Rotation ring
Laser filter
It protects the dentist’s eyes against damage
Iris diaphragm
Increase the depth of field
Splash protection for the objective lens