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Details Make the Difference
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Scansys TA517
Anterior Segment Analyzer
Scansys analyzer provides a professional solution for anterior segment diagnosis. The device applies
Scheimpflug camera which can collect 107520 data points and generates 28 cornea tomography
images in high resolution. Scansys can provide a series of topography maps including cornea
curvature maps, cornea thickness maps, cornea elevation maps, etc. It provides good assistance to
clinicians in anterior segment diagnosis. Meanwhile, Scansys also provides chamber angle analysis,
anterior chamber depth, anterior chamber volume,etc. It facilitates clinicians in glaucoma disease

Analytical Functions Introduction
Anterior Segment Tomography

The cornea tomography images shot by Scheimpflug camera can give a general understanding to
clinicians about patients' cornea conditions. As can be seen from above, the image displays whole
anterior segment (from limbus to limbus) . The clinician can evaluate the patient's ACD and see if the
shape of the iris is normal. Meanwhile, Scansys can calculate the density of selected area to help
clinicians to see if the patient's has opacity in the lens.

Cornea Data Overview

Based on the images shot by Scheimpflug, Scansys can calculate a series of cornea data such as K value for front and back cornea, curvature values, etc to help clinicians has a further understanding of patient's cornea conditions.

4 Maps Refractive
The refractive maps shows sagittal curvature maps for front cornea, and elevation maps for front and back cornea as well as cornea thickness map and other parameters for cornea such as steep K value, flat K value, cornea apex thickness, pupil center position and thinnest position for cornea thickness. These data are helpful in most of the cornea disease screening.

Lens Fitting Analysis

Based on the topography maps generated by Scansys, the system can recommend several lenses suitable for patient's cornea and simulate the images of patient's wearing lenses with fluorescein observed by slit lamps. This will accelerate the work flow of lens fitting and save the trouble for patient to accept real fluorescein during lens fitting.

Chamber Angle Analysis

Scansys can calculate a chamber angle value based on the tomography images and its exclusive AOD graph gives a trend analysis for the distance between cornea back surface to iris. It also provides cornea volume, anterior chamber volume and anterior chamber depth calculation. These analyses is helpful to glaucoma diagnosis.

Lens Density Analysis

Scansys calculates the lens density value for cross section and longitudinal section which is helpful in cataract diagnosis.